Rodent Surveillance Camera

Essential Features

  • HD quality supports identification of pest
  • Night vision capability with good clarity
  • Small in form factor for easy development
  • Motion detection
  • Real time alerts
  • Wifi enabled for live streaming
  • Do not require computer or DVR
  • Application enables multi-cam management

Camera traps are small digital video surveillance systems that can record videos and shoot stills based on setting.

They are easy to mount and quick to deploy. Once the camera are deployed, it will be a waiting game. Real-time alerts will be sent and recorded automatically on the app and you can search the recording to that particular time and playback.

Up to 5 months battery life

Smart battery management algorithm keeps unit off during inactivity enables extended operations using only its built in battery for up to 5 months.

Super wide viewing angle

140 degree horizontal view makes sure nothing goes unseen 140 degree.