Green pest control is the future.

PestBusters, a leader in pest management, aims to disrupt the industry with innovative approaches that effectively eliminate pests and those that create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable environment for everyone. In our operations, we have adopted environmentally friendly practices, especially in pest control technology.

Solar-powered Mosquito Trap

From fogging and misting, which requires chemicals, we have adopted an environmentally friendly approach to control mosquitoes. The Sirenix Mosquito Trap is a pesticide-free, physical mechanism that uses Larvasonic technology to kill mosquito larvae. First, it attracts pregnant (gravid) female mosquitoes, and then when they are trapped, the acoustic energy kills the mosquitoes’ offspring ending their lifecycle and reducing the adult mosquito population. It is also powered by solar energy, which makes it more sustainable compared to other traps.

Battery-operated Mist Blower

Instead of using gasoline to power our spraying and fogging equipment, we aim to convert foggers to sustainable, environmentally friendly equipment such as the Birchmeier AS 1000, a battery-operated sprayer that even includes an additional battery to ensure longer running operations.

With this shift, we project a reduction of 70.7 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and a reduction of total diesel usage by 26,400 L/year.

Green Initiatives

Following Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 for sustainable development, and the Ministry of Transport’s goal of transitioning vehicles to cleaner energy models, we have moved to include electric vehicles in our current fleet.

With this measure, our forecasted impact is the following:

  • Estimated reduction of diesel usage by 28%
  • Estimated CO2 reduction at 62,522kg or 62.5 tons annually

Working with Singapore Environment Council, we had to review our environmental usage, such as energy, water, resource, and waste management in the office. PestBusters has achieved the Champion tier, scoring high, especially in water and waste management. We aim for continuous improvement and eventually want to recycle 100% of paper waste generated to develop our commitment to sustainability.

We make sure to use non-toxic chemicals without compromising their effectiveness. Yet, in our social responsibility to conserve resources and be mindful of our consumption, it is a part of our sustainability roadmap to reduce pesticides through chemical harmonisation. Our projections tell us that we can lessen our pesticide use by 41% and even save costs by 44%.

With this shift, we project a reduction of 70.7 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and a reduction of total diesel usage by 26,400 L/year.

Proven Pest Protection For Your Peace Of Mind

At PestBusters, we welcome the benefits of going green, reducing chemical exposure, protecting biodiversity, and preserving our planet for future generations.
This is emphasized by our parent company ENTECH Global Solutions, saying,
“We are committed to building a low-carbon future together with our business partners as we strive to create a positive and meaningful impact for our community by embedding responsibility, integrity as well as sustainability in our business practices.”

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