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PestBusters continues to be recognised as one of the best providers of pest control services in Singapore. Whether it’s rodents or insects causing you problems, you are in the right place. Our team of Pest Control experts are available to provide inspections, treatments and prevention for both residential and commercial properties.

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Advanced Pest Control in Singapore


Our team of specialised professionals has the insight and expertise to provide solutions to any pest problem. We offer a holistic approach to identify the causes of pest outbreaks and deploy strategies across multiple fronts for complete resolution.

Globally Compliant

At PestBusters, we understand the importance of maintaining thorough standards of safety and delivering efficient and comprehensive pest control services. Our team of experts keep up with the latest trends in pest control technology and innovations so that our services stay ahead of the rest.

Custom Solutions

We recognize the value of providing custom-designed programs that address the specific requirements for each site—programs that are designed with both efficiency and safety top-of-mind.

Quality Assurance

When working with us, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their projects are receiving only high-calibre pest control services in Singapore. We take great pride in guaranteeing superior results for every job we commit to.

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Banish Pests with Professional Pest Control Services

A Tough Match Against Pests

We offer the ultimate pest control services in Singapore to help you manage all pests from your property once and for all.

Crawling Insects

Our team of professionals is highly trained and certified to use the latest techniques and tools for a successful pest control outcome. We are well equipped to eradicate a wide range of insect species, including ants, bedbugs, booklice, cockroaches, termites, ticks, spiders and more.

Flying Insects

PestBusters provides highly effective solutions for the elimination of a variety of flying insects. We consider the customer’s individual situation and create a custom treatment plan tailored to their needs.

Other Pests

Our comprehensive pest control services are highly effective in tackling rodent issues in your property. We utilize a powerful strategy that has been proven to eliminate the source of any rat infestation, ensuring rats stay away for good.

Cutting-Edge Pest Control in SG

Sustainable Vehicle Fleet

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by incorporating eco-friendly electric vehicles including the Opel Combo-E and Citroen e-Berlingo into our fleet. These energy-efficient vehicles are a more sustainable alternative to diesel/gas-operated ones, while still ensuring efficient and effective pest control services.

Battery-operated Eco-friendly Mist Blower

In line with our commitment to eco-friendly pest control solutions, we utilise the Birchmeier AS 1200, a highly effective tool with a large spraying range for foliage penetration. This sustainable option ensures precise application and optimal results while minimizing environmental impact.

Solar-Powered Mosquito Traps

We use the sustainable and eco-friendly Sirenix Mosquito Trap, a non-chemical method to control mosquito populations. This pesticide-free solution effectively kills mosquito larvae thorough using renewable energy – making it a safe and responsible pest control solution.

Partner with the Premier Pest Control Company in Singapore

PestBusters is the top choice for comprehensive, environmentally-friendly pest control in Singapore. Our team of experts draws upon decades of experience and continuously innovates to develop the best possible pest control services for our clients. Our approach ensures your property is fully protected against a wide variety of pests and delivered using only materials that are safe yet effective - guaranteeing an outcome with lasting benefits while minimising any chance of harm or damage.
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Industries We Cater to

We specialise in providing top-notch pest control services in Singapore to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We take pride in using effective methods that help our clients protect their premises from a range of pests, ensuring the space is safe and secure for everyone involved.
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