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Indoor Insect Light Traps for Your Home and Business

Don’t let flies and other insects compromise the comfort and health of your property. These unwelcome pests not only ruin the ambiance but also pose potential health risks with the  disease-causing pathogens they carry.

PestBusters introduces cutting-edge flying insect light traps that use durable UV lights that target the sensitivity spectrum of flies and insects, effectively luring them onto strong glue boards. With these devices, you can have continuous protection from flies and insects while maintaining a refined atmosphere in your home and business.

Our Commercial Insect Light Traps

Choose from our range of insect light traps:

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Aurora 18

This sleek wall-mounted light fixture is more than meets the eye. Equipped with an 18-watt UV tube, the Aurora 18 excels in attracting insects while maintaining a modern, elegant look that blends seamlessly into any setting.


Contro 45

Boasting three 15-watt UV tubes, the Contro 45 combines efficiency with style. Encased in a stainless-steel cover, it effectively lures insects into a full-size glue board, perfect for maintaining a comfortable environment.

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Discreet 30

Cover larger areas with ease. This insect light trap features two powerful 15-watt UV tubes. Its design allows for easy blending or customization to match your interior, ensuring effective insect control without compromising aesthetics.

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Wall Light 30

Disguised as elegant lighting, this wall-mounted trap uses two 15-watt UV tubes to create a cozy, insect-free ambiance. The Wall Light 30 is ideal for combining soft lighting with effective flying pest control.


Discreet Natural

Perfect for nature-inspired decors, the Discreet Natural utilizes an intense 18-watt Philips Actinic BL PLL tube. Emitting minimal UV-B, it’s a safe option for guest-centric areas, while still effectively managing flying insect activities.

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Chameleon 1x2

A compact and hygienic wall-mounted solution for food preparation areas, the Chameleon 1×2 operates quietly and cleanly. Utilizing 15-watt PestWest Quantum tubes, it offers long-lasting protection from flying pests without noise, smell, or debris.


Chameleon 2x2

Ideal for space-saving, the Chameleon 2×2 is designed for ceiling suspension. This indoor insect light trap maximizes the impact of four 15-watt PestWest Quantum tubes to provide extensive coverage in a compact design.

Know More About Our Insect Light Traps

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24/7 Flying Insect-Proofing

Keeping your space pest-free is a continuous effort. We offer top-notch insect light traps from Singapore that provide effective protection with a durable lifespan.

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Excellent Insect Attraction

Our ILTs use energy efficient UV lights that match the eye sensitivity of flies and flying pests, luring and trapping them ontoultra-adhesive glue boards.

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Seamless Protection

We know maintaining a comfortable and aesthetic ambience is important in  any property. That’s why we make sure that our ILTs appear like contemporary light fixtures to blend seamlessly with your modern interiors.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Keeping properties pest-free and safe is what PestBusters delivers.  We offer these cutting-edge ILTs to complement our comprehensive pest management services, providing you with an environment that’s free from flying pests.

Invest in the Best Disinfection Services in Singapore

PestBusters provides more than just professional disinfection services; we offer enhanced resources and personalised, long-term solutions tailored to your needs. Our team is committed to exceptional standards and practices that exceed global guidelines. We specialise in a range of services, including the use of modern technology and products to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone.


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Our services go above and beyond basic home pest management. With our deep understanding of the field, we can provide you with targeted solutions that are customised to your own unique needs. Having worked on a wide variety of projects in the past, we take great pride in being industry experts that you can trust for the best possible advice.


What to Expect from Our Disinfection Services and Germicidal Solutions

Just because something looks clean, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Your environment can look clean and safe, but you may still be encountering harmful bacteria and viruses in your daily routine.

Cleaning only removes dirt and dust while disinfecting kills the germs and prevents them from spreading. This is why you need to invest in professional disinfection services in Singapore.

We’ll thoroughly and comprehensively clean of all areas and surfaces in your home or business, using high-quality cleaning products and equipment.
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Our team will work with you to develop a cleaning and disinfection plan that meets your unique needs, schedule, and budget.

What to Expect from Our Insect Light Traps for Commercial Properties

Keeping your establishment free from houseflies and other insects doesn’t have to be a hassle. At PestBusters, we offer insect light traps for indoor use to protect your area quietly while you focus on what truly matters.

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Can’t decide what ILT to get? A member of our team will guide you through the available ILT options and help you select the best one for your needs.
We’ll also help you identify the most strategic spots to install these insect light traps.
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