Benefits of Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

When you spot termites rotting in the frame of your door, your first thought might be to try treating the termites on your own but that will, in fact, only temporarily work for a short while. DIY methods will not be effective in removing an entire colony and in the long run, the damage will continue to grow. What if we told you that there are anti-termite treatments that be done even before construction even begins?

Such damage can be prevented when you have protected your building structure with a pre-construction anti termite treatment from the start. Having a pest management professional to tackle the problem in its early stages will guarantee that the infestation will stop growing. Yet, after the colony is eradicated, another problem awaits: The unappealing and sometimes dangerous destruction left behind by the termites. This includes unsightly maze-like webs spreading across your walls, dangerously loose cabinet doors that can fall off any second, and even more dangerous cases such as hollowed wooden staircases, railings and outdoor decks.

When it comes to termite damage, prevention is really the most vital step in stopping a termite population from doing damage to your premises, which will be followed by the additional costs of repairs. Done before the building is constructed, a pre-construction anti termite treatment will ultimately prevent the risk of the colony infiltrating your structure.


  • Pre-construction anti-termite treatment will provide immediate, secure protection to any structure. The pest control expert will cover every square inch of the ground where the building will be constructed, treating the soil with chemicals to repel termites.

  • Pre-treating the area will eliminate the problem of gaps forming in the protection barrier, keeping subterranean termites from coming up from the soil to enter your structure. Especially at Pestbusters, we have a Termite Protection System known as Trithor. This system forms a physical barrier in the undersurface of the building, repelling and killing termites at all entry points with an environmentally-friendly Deltamethrin solution, offering unparalleled protection against termites.

  • It is relatively inexpensive as this type of treatment requires lesser application of termiticide. It is also less labor-intensive, which makes the treatment more affordable than treating an existing building structure.

  • It might worry you to know that insurance policies in Singapore usually would not cover for damage caused by termites, which means paying for repair services will have to come from your own pocket. But a proper pre-construction anti-termite treatment can last for several years, with the addition of regular inspections to continually protect your building structure.

It is recommended to select a good pest control company that will better assist you. A trusted professional such as Pestbusters can help to termite-proof your property during the pre-construction phase. In our projects, we use premium chemicals such as Fipronil and chlorantraniliprole onto the construction site where a building is constructed. This provides a treated zone within the soil that will allow foraging termites to pick up low doses of the chemical. This will eventually be passed on to the other termites to successfully eradicate the colony.

By engaging Pestbusters to treat the site where your building will be constructed, you will be taking the extra precaution of preventing a termite infestation and the further costly repairs that comes with it. We are always glad to help if it means you get to run your business smoothly or just have a peace of mind in your own home.