Trithor is a Termite Protection System that has been certified as a Green Product by the Singapore Green Building Council. This is a testament of the product’s environmental commitment. It has been awarded a rating of 2-ticks (Very Good), the only anti-termite product in this range.

Trithor forms a physical barrier in the undersurface of the building, repelling and killing termites at all entry points with an environmentally-friendly Deltamethrin solution, offering unparalleled protection against termites. As the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”. It is exponentially easier and more cost-effective to deter the enemy than to engage them head on. Think of Trithor as a deterrent.

There are three components to Trithor: a tough blue plastic layer at the top (200 microns thick), a yellow plastic membrane at the bottom (50 microns thick), and a blanket of closely weaved fibres that contain synthetic Pyrethrum called Deltamethrin. Pyrethrin is the active ingredient in Pyrethrum, found in a special Chrysanthemum variety grown mainly in Africa.

Trithor’s top layer is engineered to be damp-proof and has a fibre density of about 200g per square meter. What this means is that the Trithor sheet doesn’t get “squashed” under a heavy building load. The bottom layer is a plastic membrane that allows termites to sense the presence of the synthetic Pyrethrum when they come close to it. This deters them from even coming close to the sheet.

The most important part of the product is the fibres between the two plastic layers, which are impregnated with Deltamethrin. Because of the interwoven nature of the fibres, the termites are unable to weave through it. The termites are unlikely to want to even go near the yellow bottom layer of Trithor, but there are always exceptions in nature. If there ever are any super-termites that are brave enough to attempt to thread through Trithor, they will get stuck in the fibrous layer, which will result in their imminent demise.