Should you try DIY methods to get rid of Termites?

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Widely known as the most destructive pest, termites can ruin your home by causing structural damage to it. It’s a well-known fact that termites eat wood, but they also consume cellulose-based plant materials such as plants, paper, cardboard, and carpets to sustain their livelihood. Regardless of construction type, termites can make their way into your home or workplace without you knowing.

Once they have invaded your home, it will take a significant amount of effort to eradicate them and you may need to seek professional help from a pest control company. Since termites are one of the most worrying pests to many property owners in Singapore, many people are finding ways to deal with or prevent an infestation.

This brings us to answer some of the common questions that homeowners like you often have, such as whether you can eliminate termites naturally or is there any way you can get rid of termites without having to seek professional help?


Can you eliminate termites naturally?

The answer is no. Termites can multiply very quickly because a termite queen can produce one egg every three seconds, averaging up to 30,000 eggs a day. Besides, you don’t know where the termite colony is hiding in your house and the severity of the termite infestation.

Moreover, you may not have the skills, knowledge, and expertise in dealing with termites individually. Therefore, it is advisable to get a professional pest control inspection to find out the exact source of your termite problem and eradicate them effectively.


Is there any way to get rid of termites without engaging the experts?

Our answer remains similar to the previous query, which is no. While you may find various ‘tips’ on the internet claiming that certain home remedies like drying out your furniture under the sun or using orange oil or vinegar can get rid of termites, these methods are less effective due to the short residual effect.

Not only that, but orange oil also offers no lasting efficacy as termites tend to chew and feed on wood 24 hours daily. Besides, orange oil extract is flammable and acidic, which increases the combustion risks of fire, putting your family and home at health and safety risks. Thus, we highly discourage homeowners to try termite control solutions found on the internet.

Instead of resorting to DIY termite control, why not engage termite control experts like PestBusters? Here’s why you should engage their termite control services instead of taking on the complex task of getting rid of termites from your home.

Why should you engage termite control experts?

The reasons are simple – they are the experts and have the knowledge as well as the right equipment to help you eradicate termites from your home. Besides, they can come up with a specialised termite control plan depending on the level of infestation while minimising your household’s risk of dealing with hazardous chemicals.

Additionally, they can locate the source of your termite infestation and target the infestation instantly. This will save you time and cost (structural repair cost). At PestBusters, we employ the following strategies to exterminate termites from your home:


  • Spot treatment to treat any infested area until there’s no active infestation.
  • Whole house inspection + treatment to identify for signs of active infestation and subsequently treat areas where the infestation is detected. This termite control treatment continues until there’s no active infestation.
  • Foaming treatment involves drilling holes measuring 3-5mm into hidden areas and pumping chemical substances into them.
  • Exterra Above Ground Baiting System involves placing baits in the infested area and replenishing the baits every 2 weeks until the colonies are eradicated. This termite control strategy can take up to 6 months depending on the size of the colony.
  • Prodding treatment involves injecting chemicals along the base of the tree to eradicate any active termites in the tree.


If you suspect there’s a termite infestation in your home, don’t wait too long to contact us as you may prolong the chance of termite infestation in and around your house. Contact us at (+65) 6288 2828 or 24-hour response (+65) 9180 9990 or enquire online today for the total pest control services!