Common Pests That Invade Homes

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It’s common for Singaporean households to experience pest infestation from rodents, termites and flying insects. However, those are not the only pests that can invade your home. Micro-sized pests like bed bugs, mites, fleas and ticks are also capable of invading your home. Despite keeping your surroundings clean, there are still signs of pest infestation. To contain the infestation, it’s important to identify the causes to prevent the situation from worsening.

At times, your living habits can be the cause of pest infestation. No matter how many times you’ve engaged with pest control services, they just keep coming back, costing you more money each time. As we enter into the second half of the year, it’s best to address your habits and rid the pests from your home. Continue reading as we highlight some of the habits that you may be guilty of committing.


Leaving food exposed 

Regardless of where you leave your unfinished food or food remains, you’re directly inviting pests into your home. Most pests thrive on moisture, warmth and food availability. If you often leave certain foods such as sugary and sweet goods exposed, expect to see some ants make their way to it. Fresh fruits can also attract pests like fruit flies although it was never your intention. Additionally, if you often leave your food remains untouched for days, it’ll become a late-night snack for rodents. By eating your unfinished food which has been exposed, you’ll risk contracting diseases passed on by pests.

Clutters under the sink 

While it’s common to keep all the plastics and paper bags which can be used for further use under the sink, it’s also a cause for pest infestation in your home. As one of the most dreaded house pests, cockroaches thrive in small and dark areas like under the sink. Given that the space under the sink is constantly moist and dark, cockroaches can multiply quicker than you expect. Worse still, cockroaches may leave their fecal matter in the bags, rendering them unusable while becoming a breeding ground for more cockroaches. Nasty isn’t it?

messy kitchen countertop where dishes, food peeling and kitchen tools are left uncleaned
Messy kitchen in domestic household – Compulsive Hoarding Syndrom

Leaving the dishes unwashed for days 

You’ve probably seen this in dramas but it happens in real life. Piling dirty dishes in the sink can easily attract pests and leave a foul smell as leftover food decomposes over time. Besides, greasy dishes will cause build-ups that are difficult to clean and possibly clog your sink’s pipe, attracting more pests and causing more problems in the long run.

Irregular cleaning 

With poor housekeeping habits as mentioned above, you’ll certainly have issues with pest infestation. If you’re guilty of committing these habits, you should start changing your habits and clean your house regularly. Through regular cleaning, you can identify early signs of infestation and take immediate action. Besides, you can reduce the risk of contracting severe allergies caused by pest droppings.

Neglecting home maintenance

Aside from regular cleaning, maintaining your house’s condition is also crucial as it’s your haven after a long day at work. If you notice some cracks in your walls or any pipe leakages, you should get these repaired immediately as it can be a source of pest infestation, especially termites. Their destructive nature will affect the outlook of your house and weaken its foundation, leaving you with bigger issues to deal with.

Ways to reduce pest infestation

First off, changing your housekeeping habits will surely improve your hygiene as well as keep pests out of your home. By taking out the trash regularly, you won’t have flies buzzing around, infecting your food. Besides, you won’t have to suffer from the foul smell or bad odour emitted by wet trash. Other than flies, you’ll reduce the potential of rodents feeding on your food waste overnight.

Additionally, conducting regular checks on your drainage system around the house will give you a heads up should there be any signs of pests infestation. As destructive pests such as termites thrive on moisture, you can take immediate action by engaging termite control service provided by Pestbusters. By patching any cracks on the wall, you’ll prevent pests from making their way into your house.

Instead of eliminating pests using DIY home remedies, you should engage a reliable pest control company to help you solve the problem. At PestBusters, we offer an integrated pest management programme, designed to strike out and fully eliminate pest infestations.

Don’t wait too long to contact us as you may prolong the chance of pests breeding around your house. Contact us at 3163 4415 or enquire online today for a total removal of pests!