3 Methods to Detect Pest Infestation

Pest infest

When it comes to dealing with pests, early intervention is key for effective pest control. Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, or rodents, the earlier you engage a professional pest control company in Singapore, the better it is for you and your household.

You see, every pest infestation leaves behind some sign of the pest’s presence. For instance, termites will leave mud trails on walls or render your house structure hollow, cockroaches will leave behind black, tiny droppings, and rodents will leave gnaw marks on some of your things.

So, if you identify these few signs of pest infestation, you can take action to eradicate them quickly. Also, the sooner you take control of the pest infestation, the lower the chance of damage caused by any of these pests.

If you’re worried that you have a pest infestation, look out for any of the following three signs. That way, you can take the next steps to eliminate them from your home or premises.

What are the signs of pest infestation?

  • Pest droppings

Pests are not exactly the most hygienic creatures on earth, and that’s why they’re called “pests”. Pests leave behind their waste just like any animals do to mark their territories. If you notice pest droppings around your house or business premises, chances are that you have  pests at your place.

The type of droppings you find will help to determine the type of pest(s) and allow you to come up with the best possible pest control solution. Rodent droppings are conical and solid while cockroach droppings are smaller.

  • Evidence of nesting

Rodents will usually make nests out of anything available to them, including shredded papers, grass clippings and leaves. Also, they will nest in discreet places like your drainage or between walls.

So, use a flashlight, search all the nooks and crannies, including behind your kitchen appliances and inside your cabinets, for any signs of nesting for pests like cockroaches, ants, and rodents.

  • Grimy build-up

In addition to being the most unhygienic creatures on earth, pests tend to make a mess somewhere in your house or business premises. As they prefer dark, enclosed, and humid places to nest, you can look for grimy build-up in corners, under the furniture, along the edges of the walls, and near window frames.

Rodents, in particular, tend to stick to a set route. So, if you notice any grimy build-up along your house walls or business premises, you may have a rodent problem. Also, if your floors or window sills are dusty, look for any trails left behind by pests moving around your place. 

What should you do if you see signs of pest infestation?

There are various actions you can take if you notice any of these pest infestation signs. Here are some of them:

Do a thorough cleaning and disinfection

If you think that any of the surfaces, utensils, or equipment in your house or business premises have been touched by pests, you should clean and disinfect them immediately to stop the spread of harmful bacteria. Also, you should clear out any clutter you find to prevent pests from nesting in such areas.

Store your food properly

Food leftovers are usually the reason pests are attracted to homes. If you leave them out in the open for a long time, you might see flies flocking to them and you’ll have to throw them away. You can avoid food wastage and contamination by storing your food properly as well as doing your dishes after every meal.

Conduct regular pest inspection

A regular pest inspection on your house and business premises can prevent pests from making their way into any of your properties. This will minimise the amount of damage they can do to your property. Also, you can remedy your property as soon as you’re aware so that you can make it saleable to other potential buyers.

Seal up cracks and crevices

You may clean your home or business premises  but pests will always find their way into your property. For pests like cockroaches and ants, you can prevent further infestation by sealing up the cracks and crevices using silicone sealants or other sealants. 

Hire pest control experts

When it comes to dealing with pest infestation, you should engage professionals like PestBusters. They have a trained team of pest exterminators who can effectively perform pest control accordingly. Also, they know where to check for possible pest infestation and have the expertise to deal with pests.

At PestBusters, we offer a range of pest control services at a reasonable price to reduce the chances of pest infestation at your home. Our pest control plan begins with preliminary inspections of the affected area to identify pest species and exploit their weaknesses.

After gaining sufficient information on the infestation, we formulate a strategy and strike with full force to disorientate the pests and ensure they’re unable to regroup. We will follow up with inspections to ensure the remaining infestations are eliminated.

Don’t wait too long to contact us as you may prolong the chance of pest infestation in and around your house.  Contact us at (+65) 6288 2828 or 24-hour response (+65) 9180 9990 or enquire online today for the total pest control services!