Worst Effects of Termite Infestations

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Termites are one of the most despised pests among Singaporean homeowners. If you ever have trouble with termite infestation, you’d know the agony of having to remove them from your home. Even if your house is made of concrete materials, termites can still attack the wood in your house, especially the foundation, structural beams and door frames.

Surviving mainly on wood, moisture and warmth, termite colonies will make your house their perfect living environment. If you suspect that your house is infested with termites, immediately contact a professional pest control like Pestbusters to inspect the situation at home.


Regardless of the type of house you’re living in, termite infestations are unavoidable as it can invade your house through the building’s foundation. If you’re living in a condominium, you may find them invading the lawns of your housing complex. The common types of termites include subterranean, dampwood and drywood.

Structural damages 

Termites’ destructive manner can damage the very foundation of your house if it remains undetected and not treated for a long time. It can eat away your support beams, door frames, ceilings, flooring and other wooden furniture in your house. If you happen to notice some irregularities on your house floor, give it a knock or tap. If it sounds hollow, there’s a high chance of termite infestation. Before you’re left with only the house frames, it’s best to get a pest control expert to inspect the severity of the infestation.

Visible damages 

Notice peculiar brown trails on your walls? It’s likely that termites have been crawling your walls for a while now. Those powder-like trails are made of digested wood residue, along with traces of soil, termite feces and saliva. Small cracks on the wall are also a sign of termite infestation. Though you can cover those tracks with wall fillers or adhesives, termites can still invade other parts of your house if given the chance.

Electrical damages 

Aside from structural and visible damages, termites can cause serious electrical accidents if not detected and treated early. They are capable of chewing away electrical wiring as they try to get their fill of cellulose. To make things worse, it’ll cost you a fortune to redo the wiring in your house.

In condominium complexes, the severity of termite infestation varies depending on your house floor. But this doesn’t mean your house will be spared entirely. Unlike subterranean termites which rely on soil and moisture, dry wood termites can live on the wood structures in your house.


While worrying about your house’s condition, you should know that termite infestations can indirectly harm your body as well.

Health issues 

Termite colonies thrive in dark and moist areas. While eating away the wood in your house, they disperse molds. Once these molds spread through the ventilation in your house, it can cause you to suffer from allergic reaction or asthma attacks. Depending on the mold’s toxicity, it can also be dangerous if you’re exposed to it for a longer period.

Reaction to pesticides 

If you’re thinking of controlling the termite infestation yourself, it might be risky if you have little knowledge of the pesticide’s chemical composition. Underestimating the chemical’s strength can also endanger lives. If you’re unsure of the chemical composition, consider getting professional help to ensure the correct application of termite pesticide.


PestBusters offers a specialised termite management service. We will eradicate termite colonies based on the building phase – pre-construction and post-construction.

If you’re a property developer, you’ll want to termite-proof your building to prevent future complications. We will apply premium chemicals onto the construction site that provide a treated zone within the soil while allowing termites to pick up low doses of the chemical. They will then pass on the chemical residue in their nest and eradicate the entire colony.

For property owners, it’s never too late to contact us if you have trouble with termite infestation as we have a number of solutions that can be applied depending on your house type.

Call us at +65 6288 2828 or enquire online today to termite-proof your condo or homes and keep it safe from potential infestation.