Will Cockroach Repellents Be Enough to Keep Them Away?

Cockroach Repellents

Cockroaches are known to be resilient pests. They adapt well and are immune to certain insecticides. Besides, exterminating them simply by hitting them will not always work because of their strong yet flexible exoskeleton.

For the health and safety of you and your loved ones, it is crucial to solve a cockroach infestation at home as these pests carry numerous harmful diseases. Maybe you have used cockroach repellents to kill these pests, but they keep returning, leading to a never ending cycle. So let’s give you an insight into cockroach repellents and if they actually work.

Basics First: Are Repellents Deadly For Them, Or Do They Just Repel Cockroaches?  

Repellents are not deadly for cockroaches; they just confuse them. Unfortunately, these pesky roaches are not that easy to keep away, and according to scientists, chemical roach repellents that were identified years ago all turn out to be quite toxic. That certainly sounds like bad news for all of us, doesn’t it?

All is not lost because the high concentration of certain pure essential oils may kill cockroaches while lower concentrations will repel them. However, the roaches may also get immune to it if the essential oils are being used too frequently, so the application has to be strategic as well. A strategic way to apply essential oils as cockroach repellent is to apply them in areas you want to keep the roaches away the most.

Are repellents dangerous for humans too?  

If natural repellents like essential oils are used, the answer is no. However, if you are using chemical insecticides, then there are various effects that you have to be mindful of, such as:

Respiratory Issues  

Accidentally inhaling chemical insecticides may cause:

● Shortness of breath

● Coughing

● Congestion

● Asthma attack

● Wheezing

Skin Irritation 

If some insecticide gets on your skin, wash the area immediately with soap and water. These chemical insecticides may cause rashes and if there are irritations, it’s important to wash the affected area regularly until the rash disappears. However, if the condition worsens, consult a doctor immediately.

Eye Irritation 

When insecticide is being used, the particles in the air may land on your eye, causing irritation. If this happens, flush your eye with saline eye drops and avoid touching your eye after handling the insecticide bottle before washing your hands thoroughly. Consult a specialist if the condition worsens. Effects from the irritation include:

● redness

● puffiness

● excessive watering

● itchiness

How Effective Are These Repellents? 

You may have tried every natural repellent possible, but the cockroaches keep returning. Remember that roaches are adaptive pests, so they may be immune to all the natural repellents that you have tried, making them ineffective. These natural repellents have been around for quite some time, which has given the roaches the chance to tweak their internal chemistry to adapt and pass the resistance to the next generations.

Therefore, it is vital to seek the help of professional cockroach pest control when you have seen signs of a cockroach infestation at home. That way, you can prevent any reproduction that will increase the population of these pests.

Can You Get Rid Of Cockroaches Completely?  

Getting rid of cockroaches entirely highly depends on the situation of your home. If the cause of the cockroach infestation is out of your control, such as the location of your home naturally attracts cockroaches, getting rid of these pests permanently could be a challenge.

Reasons that could help prevent the roaches from returning to your homes are:

● Removing excessive moisture

● Getting rid of easily accessible food

● Sealing up any holes and cracks in your home

Besides that, keeping your home tidy and clean will help spot the first sign of infestation quicker. If the infestation continues or worsens, it is best to resort to professional cockroach pest control services to protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of these pests.

When Should You Opt For Professional Pest Control?  

It is easy for us to dismiss when we see one cockroach running across us; therefore, here are signs that you should call professional pest control to exterminate the pests:

● cockroach dropping that can be seen at a few spots in your home

● large numbers of cockroaches running around everywhere

Getting rid of cockroaches completely and ending the infestation cycle requires professional help. If you’re looking for one to keep your home safe, then PestBusters is the right specialist. Contact us at 65-3163-4415 or enquire online today.