What You Can Do To Stop Termites From Damaging Your Home

stop termites

Termites can pose detrimental effects on our health and cause costly, long-lasting damage to the foundation of our homes. Don’t delay looking for anti-termite treatment services in Singapore when you discover that your home is infested. Termites crave the abundance of wood in a home and they can be breeding and accumulating by the thousands behind your walls.


Identifying a termite problem can be tricky but common signs of termites include:

  • Hollow wood in your walls, floors and wooden furniture, signs that the termites have fed on the cellulose beyond the surface.
  • Dark brown mud tubes starting from the ground and spanning across the wall can also point out where their nest is at. These pencil-sized tubes connect the subterranean termites’ nest to the food source.
  • Tiny drywood termite droppings is another sign to carefully look out for as they are often mistaken for sawdust or sand. In charge of flying out to source out and create new colonies, you may also spot the wings of termite swarmers.


The moment you spot such signs, it is a cause to worry about. When termites bite, chew or just travel through the wood, mould is dispersed into the air. Infestation by subterranean termites can also encourage mould to grow on the damp, decomposed wood. Exposure to these mould spores can cause health reactions when inhaled or come into contact with, leading to skin diseases and neurological problems in drastic cases. This makes it imperative to minimize the risk of a termite infestation in your home. Thankfully, there are a few things you can start to do to termite-proof your home:

  • Avoid stacking cardboard boxes in the house

Especially after moving into a new house, you may be keeping your boxes with the intention of saving it for future use. Keep in mind these cardboard boxes contain cellulose and it is best to dispose of them or at least store them properly away from moisture.

  • Keep moisture under control

Termites are attracted to moist environments. You can use a weather sealer to seal all wood surfaces open to moisture, especially exterior window frames. Depending on the sealer product you used, the seals may wear and crack over time. Inspect them once in a while when you can.

Additionally, appliances that are prone to leaking such as the air conditioner and drainage systems should be checked regularly. If they are facing water leakage problems, it is important to address them quickly before the water gets into any wood structure surrounding it.

hanging of house plant in the property’s exterior can prevent termite infestation

  • Keep plants away from the foundation of your home

“How did termites get into my home in the first place?” may be the question on your mind. But there are many ways they can access your place and the plants you have adorning the exterior of your home is one example. The damp environment from the soil can attract termites, especially if your potted plants are in contact with the ground. As a precaution, you can hang them up or place your plants over bricks and cement blocks. But if your plants are already infested from the moment you purchased them, these termites will soon make its way to your home. If you are an avid plant lover, the next step will come in handy for you and your beloved greenery.

  • To safeguard your home inside and out, the best thing to do is to get pest protection.

Besides triggering asthma attacks and allergy reactions, the threat they pose to your home’s structure can be more detrimental and costly. The damaged and hollow wood is just the beginning. If it is the floor you are walking and stepping on, it may give way when it is no longer able to hold the weight, increasing the risk of injuries in your own home. Once the infestation has reached this point, it is essential to stop the infestation in its tracks.

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