What Kinds of Pest Problems Require Gas Treatments?

Termite Colonies

When faced with an overwhelming number of pests or even the structural damage caused, many homeowners and companies can consider gas treatment (otherwise known as fumigation) by pest control services in Singapore to help eradicate pests that are hard to get rid of. If you are unsure whether you should get pest management to deal with your pest issue, continue reading to learn more about this treatment method.


If your pest issue is especially severe, gas treatment by pest management professionals can be effective in eradicating your infestation, particularly when involving certain solid wood-boring insects that can cause extensive property damage. This method is proven to be very effective in killing pests such as termites, bed bugs and wood-destroying beetles. This can be done by rapidly infiltrating through grains as well as various structures where infestations thrive.


For Pestbusters, the first thing we do is to enclose the infected area in a tent-like structure during the process and properly seal the space to be gas-tight, preventing the leakage of gases. Once enclosed, the infected area is cordoned off for at least 24 hours, which is referred to as the exposure period. After the gases have performed their function, the infected area is aired out and what little amount of gas that remains is completely risk-free to humans. The gases we use will not leave behind toxic material that can harm human beings.

a pest technician operating a fogging equipment for fumigation treatment


  1. When pests are inaccessible: This is possible when the pests infesting your home or business are so deep behind your walls and floors of your building structure that the reach of DIY baits cannot target the core of the infestation.

  2. If your place is relatively old: This can indicate that the infestation in your structure is widespread and extensive, with the possibility of already housing the eggs, pupae, larvae and adults. While other treatments only work well on certain life stages, gas treatments can be effective in disabling the entire life cycle to prevent the infestation from occurring again.

  3. For sensitive environments: This includes commercial or industrial environments where the pests have found their way to any food sources available. Special chemicals will then be used so as to not contaminate the food.

If any three of these options applies to your needs, gas treatment by pest management services would then be a treatment option you can take note of when researching for ways to eliminate your pest problem. Ultimately, the dosage of the gas is determined by the insect to be eradicated and the intensity of the infestation. This will be decided by the pest control company, which is why it is crucial for you to choose a highly trained and experienced service provider to correctly access and thoroughly deal with your pest problem.

Here at PestBusters, we have grown to become one of the most trusted names in the business through its commitment to develop the skills and potential of each and every member of its associates. As Asia’s leading pest management company, we have helped many homes and businesses with our advanced tactics and know-how to completely eradicate these pests. Give us a call today to find out more!