Rat Exterminator in Singapore: Tips on How To Keep Rats Away from Home & Business

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We often do not see the big deal about some little rats scurrying around the kitchen. Surely these little creatures are harmless, just appearing once in a while. But here’s why rodents can be equally bad when they are present in your home and your business, and why you would need to engage a rat exterminator when faced with a rat infestation. There are mainly two reasons as to why rats can pose a danger to us.

Damage caused by rats to humans. One shows damage to propery such as electric cable wires. Other image shows rat carrying diseases which can affect people’s health.

Firstly, they can cause damage to our property. Through their continuous gnawing and nest-building, structural destruction caused by them could eventually burn a hole in your wallet while paying for repair cost. Money aside, it could potentially be harmful to you and your family as well. For example, as rats chew into the insulation of your electrical cables, this increases the risk of fire hazards.

Secondly, as a carrier of diseases, they can easily transmit diseases to us through their urine, faeces or saliva. The diseases they carry can be transmitted directly and indirectly. For example, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome can spread to us when we inhale dusts that is contaminated with rats’ urine. They can also be a potential source of allergens, with their shed hair and droppings enough to trigger sneezes. Your children might get sick, but imagine what this can do if you are running a business? It would not reflect well on your business’ hygiene practices and it would definitely degrade your reputation among your customers.

Rats are not picky when it comes to the things they feed on. They can consume anything they come across, from leftover food to even carcasses. They are hard to spot and even harder to kill. Once they are aware that there are traps set in place, they will avoid the area for a while before they gradually return.


  1. Do a proper cleanup of the facility, best if done regularly so as to maintain a clean surrounding.
  1. Secure your garbage and food storage areas. Once rats know where they can look for food, nothing’s stopping them from sticking around for more, especially since they are good at remembering their surroundings.
  1. Inspect your property. If you spot any possible holes and cracks, don’t wait any longer to seal them up. You never know how many rats you are allowing to enter your premises when you put off doing so.
  1. If the gaps are impossible to seal by yourself, you can opt for building repairs instead. The point is to restrict the rats’ access to your place.
  1. When all your efforts seems futile, all is not lost as you can still bring in the professionals to source out the problem and make sure to rodent-proof your home or business. It could also be a more affordable options as compared to building repairs. It’s when this is done that you can be fully assured that your area is safe from a rodent infestation.