Rat Control: Manage your Restaurant, Not Your Pests

restaurant kitchen

When you are running an F&B business, there can be many things to take into consideration such as financing and staff management. But ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen and customers’ dining area should be top on the list for any restaurant owner. Especially if you are aware that your location is prone to pests like cockroaches and rats, there are pest control services in Singapore to address these issues in your restaurant beforehand to ensure a smooth sailing business.

Did you know that in Singapore, operators of building or mall managements whose premises are found to have rat infestation can be fined of up to $5,000 for the first offense by the National Environment Agency (NEA)? In 2017, a popular Thai food restaurant in Holland Village was fined $800 by NEA and was also suspended for two weeks due to a rodent infestation. Having rats in your presence amidst food often indicates a dirty environment and may trigger questions about the hygiene of your restaurant. This can potentially ruin your reputation as a whole, resulting in financial losses. If your business has been or is starting to get infiltrated with rats, here are some warning signs of rats you will probably notice:

  • Waste droppings

You may notice small, dark brown droppings shaped like a grain of rice.

  • Smudge marks

From navigating around rubbish bins and drains for food, the dirt on their bodies may leave smudges when rubbed against surfaces.

  • Gnaw marks

Did you know that rats need to gnaw on objects in order to keep their teeth sharp? They may also be chewing through your food packaging or furniture in search of access to food and shelter, damaging your furniture especially starting from the foot of chairs and tables. This not only means that you will have to dig further into your wallet to buy new ones, but your customers may also injure themselves while seated on the damaged furniture.

More importantly, the risk of rats scurrying around your cooking space can compromise the health of your employees and customers. We have previously talked about the threat they pose on our health if you ever come into contact with these pests and the illnesses contracted can be serious. This includes Rat-bite fever, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonellosis and Lymphocytic choriomeningitis.

huge rat trapped in a steel cage in closeup shot, only showing its face

This is why it is paramount to safeguard your business from a rat infestation. Maintaining the cleanliness in your cooking spaces after a day of work is essential, but there are other things you can do to protect your business. And here is how you can prevent more rats from making a home out of your restaurant:

  • Remove existing rats

This will prevent any from inviting more in or even breeding in your restaurant. You can do this by setting up traps or baiting in the areas you suspect they frequent often.

  • Seal holes and cracks

Such crevices can enlarge over time and become big enough for them to fit through. Eliminating these entry points from the start can discourage these pests from taking residence in your business.

  • Store your food products properly

The availability of food sources is the main reason why the rats would keep coming back to your restaurant. By ensuring proper storage of your ingredients, even if they have sniffed around once, they may not come back when there is nothing for them to feed on.

  • Bring in professional pest control

If you need more assurance that no rats will invade your business, this is the ultimate solution to eliminating a rat infestation.

Here at PestBusters, we have grown to become one of the most trusted names in the business through its commitment to developing the skills and potential of each and every member of its associates. As Asia’s leading pest management company, we have helped many homes and businesses with our advanced tactics and know-how to completely eradicate their premises of rats and more. To protect your customers from any of the rat-borne diseases and more importantly, to guarantee the hygiene of your business, give us a call today to find out more.