TermSteel is pesticide free termite protection requiring minimal maintenance, no ongoing pesticide re-treatments, and will not corrode or rust in any environment. It is installed around slab penetrations, construction joints and building perimeters providing effective, warranted protection for up to 60 years*.

The TermSteel Termite Management System utilises an integrated, non-penetrable, superior TS 1000 grade – stainless steel woven mesh (superior to 316 stainless steel), which when integrated into homes and commercial structures at the time of construction is designed and proven to stop concealed termite ingress.

TermSteel is proud to be pesticide and poison free, it is not made using any petrochemicals.

TermSteel is a leader under the Singapore Green Building Council certification receiving its highest 4 ticks. TermSteel achieves this through not only using safe products but ensuring its procedures and processes have minimal impact on the environment.

TermSteel is backed by the manufacturers 60 year diamond warranty, a first time for Asia. This means in the unlikely event that termites breach our system, the first step will be to investigate the breach, eliminate the termite colony using a non-toxic registered termite bait, rectify the damage and repair the termite system.

TermSteel is Australian CodeMark certified. Most of the specifications for stainless steel termite management come from the Australian Standards. In Australia companies have the option to certify their products through the Government CodeMark program. This program is recognised both domestically and internationally for compliance to the BCA and Australian Standards.

TermSteel’s QA process ensures all installations are conducted by trained, qualified and competent installers who understand both construction methods and termite behaviours. All installations are documented and all sites are signed off by TermSteel to ensure the highest standard of service is received.

*Extended 60 year diamond subject to general terms and conditions available at

TS 1000 

The stainless steel mesh that is the main component of the TermSteel system is made from a superior marine grade stainless steel (greater than standard 316). The wire diameter is no less than 0.18mm woven into 30 wires per inch giving an aperture size of 0.45 x 0.66mm.


The TermLok parge is a specially formulated cemetitious page that relies on its bonding strength and hardness to prevent termite entry. The TermLok parge secures the TS1000 to other termite resistant materials. The parge uses no pesticides or poisons to achieve this.

TermBlok Collars and TermGrip Clamps

The TermBlok Collars are fabricated using the TS1000 material. The collars are installed around the service penetrations to prevent concealed entry by termites between the pipe and concrete. Once installed they are secured using the TermGrip clamps which are made using 316 stainless steel.