Light Traps exploit a critical weakness in most flies, which are intrinsically attracted to ultraviolent light. When pests get close enough, they come into contact with the electrical grids of the light trap, which kill them instantly with a high-voltage pop. These traps come in 2 variants: a zapper, and a sticky board version. Light Traps are not recommended for use within the Food and Beverage industry, due to the sanitation issue with insect body parts and bacterium landing in anything intended for human consumption.

The sticky board variant operates using the same principle of the zapper, however the flies are caught on a sticky board. This reduces the possibility of any food contamination from insect parts or bacterium. Because of the way it looks, it is a perfect disguise, even to humans. It looks just like another wall light. When the enemy approaches the irresistible ultraviolet light, they will inevitably come into contact with the sticky board, which instantly seals their fate.