Exterra is a brilliant device placed strategically around the dwelling of your choice that forms a defensive perimeter against termites. It works by exploiting a termite’s own instinct to identify food sources (wood), diverting them into Exterra’s trap before they even get a chance to reach your home. When used correctly, it has proven to be an exceedingly effective tool against the threat posed by termites. An Exterra unit is made up of a plastic casing lined with multiple pieces of wood, a natural food source for termites. A substance called Focus is then added to the soil.

Focus emits low levels of CO2, stimulating the CO2 produced by rotting wood, which attracts the termites. When termites take the bait and flock to the Exterra unit, a substance called Requiem – a fatal alternative food source – is then placed inside. Once termites have consumed Requiem, they develop an addiction to the substance and will prefer it to any forms of wood. This two-pronged attack is what absolutely annihilates the termites and keeps your property safe. If termites have already invaded your home, an adaptable version of Exterra can be deployed. Called the AGS (Above-Ground Stations), it is the perfect ambush weapon of choice.