Innovative Termite Pest Control

Termite Traces

When it comes to termite pest control in Singapore, some people would think of DIY methods or heading to the closest supermarket or hardware store to buy commercial off-the-shelf products and deal with potential termite infestations at home or in the office.

Unfortunately, many DIY methods may not deliver the results you desire. Therefore, it is important to  engage a professional pest control company to get rid of termites from your home or office effectively. 

To help you understand the future of termite pest control, we will discuss the efficacy of present-day anti-termite treatment strategies and what the future holds in exterminating termites from your home, office, commercial space, etc.


How effective are present-day anti-termite treatment strategies?

Anti-termite treatment strategies can be preventative, curative or a combination of both. For instance, preventative treatment strategies are more suitable for pre-construction sites and new renovations as there are fewer items in the structure. 

At PestBusters, our anti-termite treatment strategy includes termite-proofing pre- and post-construction sites and eradicating active termite infestation from homes, offices, etc. 

Every anti-termite treatment strategy will begin with an inspection to understand the degree of infestation. We utilise visual inspection or the Termatrac Detection Radar to detect active infestation as well as for any mud trails that tend to emerge from walls, cracks, crevices, and any possible entry points. Moving forward, let’s dive deeper into each strategy.


Pre-construction treatment strategy

Prevention is always better than cure so termite-proofing the property during the pre-construction stage is both a worthwhile investment and the best way to prevent a termite infestation.

By applying premium solutions onto the construction site, it creates a treated zone within the soil that allows foraging termites to pick up low doses of the chemical. As a result, the chemical residue is passed to other termites in the nest during their feeding and grooming process, wiping out the colony.

Additionally, Trithor is a Termite Protection System that forms a physical barrier beneath the surface of the building, repelling and killing termites at all entry points with an environmentally friendly treatment solution, offering protection against termites.


Termite eradication strategy

When there’s a termite infestation, there are several treatment methods that can be used to eradicate the colony such as the Dusting process and Foaming chemicals. The first treatment strategy involves careful placement of termiticidal powder onto the tracks of the termites, which will then be transferred back to the colony and passed onto one another.

The second treatment approach involves strategically placing the chemicals in areas where termites are likely to be hiding by way of a tiny hole drilled in the vicinity. Once the termites come into contact with the chemicals, they will inflict greater damage on the colony when they return.


Post-construction treatment strategy

Termite-proofing post-construction sites requires a creative method to introduce premium chemicals into the soil. By using the Slab Injection method, holes are drilled along the perimeter of the structure to allow the chemicals to be injected into the soil to form a treated zone for long-term protection.

At PestBusters, we offer a range of termite control solutions to eradicate their presence from your home and business. Don’t wait too long to contact us as you may prolong the chance of termite infestation in and around your place. Contact us at (+65) 6288 2828 or 24-hour response (+65) 9180 9990 or  enquire online today for total termite control services!