How to select the best pest control company for your condo

Looking for a pest control company

Despite observing high standards for cleanliness, it is not uncommon to hear of pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes being found in condominiums in Singapore.

Many things can contribute to pest infestation in Singapore’s condos. First, a condo building has several floors of residential spaces, which means a lot of food and other materials in people’s homes which can attract pests. Second, condo dwellers have different hygiene habits. What one does in his or her own home is entirely up to him or her, and so, if one neighbour is not particular about emptying chutes regularly to avoid inviting pests, then the rest of the condo unit owners could suffer from flies, rats, cockroaches and ants building their colony in the condo.

What can you do to prevent a pest infestation in your condo? The safest and smartest thing to do is to engage a professional pest control company because its staff knows how to end pest infestation in an efficient, timely, and safe way.

How can you select a good pest control company for your Singapore condo? Here are a few practical tips.


If there is one good thing the internet has done for consumers, it’s that it somehow has removed the guesswork for whether a pest control company is good or not. Search online for the pest control company that has the following qualifications:

  • NEA-certified. The pest control company has to have an existing and valid certification with the National Environment Agency (NEA). This assures you that the process, technology and chemical used in the extermination procedure will not cause harm to you and to the environment.
  • Accreditations by Singapore Pest Management Association. An accreditation with the industry association for pest control is important because it gives you an idea that the business is active, and that it is a relevant player in the industry.
  • Awards won (if any). This is also a testament to how good the pest control company is.
  • Online reviews. Unbiased reviews based on experience help give you a clear idea of what the pest control company can be capable of doing to end your pest control woes. Visit forums, check for testimonials, weigh in on what the pest control company does right, and what it doesn’t. Quality online reviews can help you make the right decision for the pest control company to engage.
  • Years of experience. Experience is often always akin to quality. Choosing a pest control company that is seasoned in resolving such an issue can give you the assurance that the company knows what’s it doing and is good at it!
  • Certification with credible associations also helps lay the credibility for the pest control company. Look for these qualifications to narrow down your choice for a pest control company.


Once you have found a pest control company that really caters for your need, the next thing to do is to check the cost. Compare procedures, the technology used, guarantee period, etc, that will help you decide which pest control company will give you the best value for your money.


Finally, condo management staff are great go-to people for recommendations for a pest control company. You can leverage the experience of residents with one pest control company, and use this as a basis for you to compare the rates various pest control companies offer, and choose the best one.

You should also check for any guarantees, and whether or not the pest control company will do another round of treatment for free, if proven that it has failed to control the pests within the guarantee period.

Do not delay contacting your ideal pest control company to prevent an infestation in your condo. All the best!