Cutting-Edge GPS Tracking Systems

Our vehicle tracking systems offer complete, end-to-end suite solutions that allow us to effectively monitor and optimise our mobile fleet and workforce with GPS trackers. Thanks to our GPS fleet management solutions, we are able to manage and track our vehicles in real time, allowing us to plan the fastest and least congested routes and more effectively deploy our resources to respond to emergency situations.

We can also easily monitor drivers’ behaviours, such as hard braking or speeding, and make sure that our vehicles are being operated safely and efficiently. Our tracking systems also provide us with comprehensive reports on fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance scheduling and more.

Know Why We Use GPS Tracking Solutions

Faster Response Time

With GPS tracking, we can quickly locate our client’s properties and send the nearest technician to their location. This results in a faster response time, enabling our professionals to start the job as quickly as possible, saving the client’s valuable time.

Greater Efficiency

GPS tracking provides information on travel routes and traffic conditions, enabling technicians to get to clients’ sites quickly and promptly without delays. This, in turn, translates into less time spent on the road and more time spent addressing the client’s pest issues.

Better Resource Utilisation

GPS tracking provides real-time asset management, including monitoring vehicles and assets. This enables us to deploy our resources more efficiently, allocate the right number of technicians needed for a job and minimise fuel consumption.

Increased Accountability

GPS tracking provides record-keeping of technician activity, which promotes greater responsibility and accountability. Activity records help ensure that technicians arrive and depart sites on time and complete their required work comprehensively and thoroughly.

Invest in the Best Pest Control and Disinfection Services in Singapore

PestBusters is Singapore’s premier provider of safe and reliable pest control services. We understand the importance of promoting health for people and the planet, so we’ve invested in GPS fleet management solutions and outfitted each vehicle with a device to ensure on-time arrival every time.


Invest in the Best Provider of Home Pest Control Treatments in Singapore

Our services go above and beyond basic home pest management. With our deep understanding of the field, we can provide you with targeted solutions that are customised to your own unique needs. Having worked on a wide variety of projects in the past, we take great pride in being industry experts that you can trust for the best possible advice.


What to Expect from PestBusters

PestBusters invests in GPS tracking system fleet management solutions so we can give our clients the best service possible.

GPS tracking provides us with real-time asset management, including monitoring vehicles and assets.
GPS-enabled vehicles help ensure superior customer service with increased response times, greater efficiency, improved resource utilisation and increased accountability.

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At PestBusters, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in providing secure and dependable pest control and house disinfection services in Singapore. We make the wellbeing of both people and nature our top priority in all our services. Each of our vehicles is equipped with the latest GPS tracking solutions and our team employs the latest techniques to ensure that our solutions are both cost-effective and trustworthy.

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