Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional Termite Control Company

How termites can ruin your home

Termites can cause extensive damage to your home if left untreated. This is why people get a termite control company to protect their premise. These insects will soon become a worrisome problem for you, especially when they are left unnoticed for a long time. Feeding on the cellulose of the wood in your homes, the consumed timber would weaken the overall structure of your home.

Drywood termites and subterranean termites are the most common types of termites found in Singapore. Depending on a number of factors such as level of moisture and the age of the colony, Subterranean termites are known to cause the most damage. Any structure made of wood is vulnerable and at risk of an infestation.

Here are some areas where termites are usually found, such as your walls and flooring.

Common areas where termites are usually found

Signs when call a professional termite control company

Damaged Property: Peeling paint on walls, swollen floors and hollow wood in your house would not only looks unsightly, these problems can be dangerous if one is not careful.

DIY approach is not working: People usually purchase pesticides at the first sight of termites to take care of the matter at that moment. But pesticides alone would not work if you are dealing with a large colony of termites in a long run.

Unsafe to use pesticides: To constantly use pesticides, it would not be safe for those who have pets or children at home as they have a tendency to touch the treated areas. It is also unhealthy for children to inhale the toxic ingredients from the chemical solution. This is why calling a professional termite control company will get rid of these termites for good.

Now that you know a colony could be thriving as we speak, what is the next step? The most effective way to solve a termite problem is to engage a professional to examine the damage, eradicate the termite colony and implement additional materials to avoid future infestations.

Professional treatment methods for termites

If your property is showing signs of an infestation, it is better to settle it quickly than to leave the colony growing. There are two types of treatments that Pestbusters uses.

The first method is the dusting process, which involves the careful placement of termiticidal powder onto the tracks of the termites. They will then transfer the toxic substance back to the colony and onto one another, affecting the colony. This is one way to eliminate the possibility of termites further damaging other structures of your home.

Another way is using foaming chemicals, which are strategically applied in areas where termites are suspected to be hiding by way of a tiny hole drilled in the immediate vicinity. When these wood-eating insects come into contact with the chemicals, it does not kill them immediately but rather inflict damage on the larger colony when they return there. This method is also especially useful in damp areas where dusting cannot be used.

One other product that we also put around infested homes is Exterra. Made up of a plastic casing lined with multiple pieces of wood, it exploits a termite’s own instinct to identify food sources, diverting them into Exterra’s trap before they even get a chance to reach your home. When used correctly, it has proven to be an exceedingly effective tool against the threat posed by termites.