Don’t Ignore These 3 Unmistakable Signs of Cockroaches

Signs of Cockroaches

Ever considered engaging pest control for cockroaches in Singapore? These home-invading pests are a resilient enemy, creeping around our trash and lurking in the darkness. A common household pest, they are attracted to food residue and even grease, making your kitchen their go-to. If you have a rubbish chute in your house, chances are there have been times where these pests found their way in. With their well-developed antennae and sensory organs detecting minute changes in the atmosphere, this makes it difficult to detect their presence, leaving you unaware.

There are three common kinds of cockroaches: The German cockroach, American cockroach and Surinam cockroach. They are quick runners and are able to squeeze into the smallest spaces under cabinets and behind appliances, even cracks in your walls. They are also able to survive 20 days without food and 14 days without water, meaning they can stay on your premises longer than you think. But that does not mean you are helpless.

Encountering a cockroach can give anyone a shock, making you nervous and wondering if there are more. Take a look at these three signs that indicate you have an infestation in your hands:

  1. Uncovering egg cases and fecal droppings: Cockroaches do not lay individual eggs. Rather, they lay ootheca, egg capsules which can hold ten to twenty eggs in it. For the German cockroach, one ootheca can contain up to fifty eggs. In fact, cockroaches populate very rapidly, with a single pair spurring 2 million descendants in just a year. As it is a definite warning sign that the cockroaches are starting to make a home in your premises, this only means that their egg cases should be one of the first things to look out for.

    Cockroaches enter homes in search of food and water. When they succeed, they will definitely be leaving feces in their midst. Their defecation makes it one of the most common indicators of a cockroach infestation. Cockroach droppings are brown or black in colour, often appearing in the shape of ground coffee and black pepper. The bigger cockroaches, however, will leave larger ones behind. This will be worrisome as their droppings can potentially contaminate your food and spread diseases, making it crucial to address the problem. The cockroach waste can also contribute to mold development, which in turn produces its own scent.

  2. Musky odour: This brings us to the next indicator: The musky and pungent smell of a cockroach. The cockroach itself gives off a particular smell, which becomes stronger and more distinct when they are in large numbers. One German roach alone, however, is able to create its own stench. Additionally, when cockroaches die, their carcasses emit oleic acid which is developed during decomposition.

  3. Spotting the roach itself: Since they are nocturnal creatures, they are more active at night or in darker areas. But if you spot them during the daytime, that is not a good sign. This only means that the infestation is getting out of hand and it is best to leave it to the professionals.

These three signs are the best indicators of a cockroach infestation, but that is not all of them. At PestBusters, we understand the behaviour, nesting and breeding habits of cockroaches. With our solutions, we exploit their weaknesses until they are eliminated. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It can be hard to keep them away but once you identify these signs, it is crucial to do something before you start seeing them on a regular basis. For a clean and healthy home environment, consider having your home thoroughly treated by a professional pest control firm like Pestbusters and prevent a small infestation from becoming a larger one.