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Ant Treatment - How to Ged Rid of Ants from Your Home

Has Your Home Become a Colony Because of those Relentless Ants? Then It’s Time to Fight Using Our Ants Treatment! 

Get Rid of Ants and Get Your House Back!

Why ants are pests

Ants are pests in every sense of the word. They spoil your food, chisel away your concrete walls, and they even have the nerve to bite whenever they crawl on your skin! While it’s true that not all ants are harmful to humans, their presence in your home is an indicator that your house is at risk, as its inner foundations are slowly being chipped off as the ants form their own colony.

How ants cause trouble around the house

Ants take control of your house in many different ways. They attack even the slightest smell of sweetness that they detect, and before you know it, they’ve already fed on your food. They also create mounds in your yard which can be difficult to remove especially when you’re not prepared. If you start destroying their mound, the ants will definitely attack you. Their bites may not sting like that of bees, but they can make your skin swell for days.

Control of ants

There are many ways to control ant infestations in the house. One of these is by baiting the ants with processed feeds that contain insecticides such as orthoboric acid, propoxur (Baygon), abamectin, or fipronil. Using this method, all lured ants will be poisoned and finally eradicated.

This can be followed up by spraying their nest with dust insecticides such as deltamethrin or permethrin, so that the ants that are still inside the colonies will be wiped out. However, treatment of nests should be repeated on a regular basis, as there is still the tendency for the ants to come back.

It is likewise important to keep the home clean at all times, and the food stored securely, so that the ants will no longer find a reason to return and pester your home ever again.


Trivia: Scientists estimate that there are 1.5 million ants for every single human being on Earth.

Ants are the ultimate warriors of the insect world. The fact that very little has changed about them for the past 130 million years is testament to their resilience. In that time, ants have developed ways and means for herding (other insects), enslaving other ants and farming their own crops (fungus), way before even the first human ever existed. They are able to carry 50 times their body weight and work together to accomplish insurmountable tasks in their complex societies. How do you defeat the most successful species of insects, ever?


Strengths of the Ants:

Intricate social structure

Very strong

Powerful jaws

Powerful sting (some species)

Strength in numbers

Armor (exoskeleton) made from material similar to our fingernails


Weakness of the Ants:

Weak when alone

Poor eyesight (some species are completely blind)


Modus Operandi:

Leaves a trail of pheromones of which other ants follow

May bite and/or sting

Known to swarm when under attack or attacking